Saturday, December 23, 2006

awfully boring holidays.

im not exactly sure why my holidays dont feel like holidays any more.
frankly im actually AWAITING school to start.
thats if i actually get to go to school next semester.
My life's too complicated, i dont even think blogger can take all of it if im to go on about how things have been going for me.
but in shorts, everything is all right i guess.
nothing's going GREATTTT? but at least nothing's going bad

i started work 2 weeks ago at mbpsports,
a pretty awesome sports management company actually
though im not exactly doing much, i still enjoy it!
and besides i get to play tennis just about anytime i want,
BUT sessions with adelo, the tennis professional
have been just nerve wrecking! i see where i stand next to him
i meant no where, not now here.
in a couple of months i reckon that ill be just as good as him.
coz im gonna be training hard.
and he;s gonna teach me his stuff.
ahhhhh... a sigh of relief
coz ive just found myself an extremely good coach

what else is there to blog about?
parties this december have
i havent been to any thats a blow out or stuff
its all either too crowded,
too disgusting
or the crowd is crap

Merry Christmas mates.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

me working?

yes thats a fact now.
seeing marina square everyday will be quite amusing.
but at least im doing something positive.
besides i will receieve training for free.

Monday, December 11, 2006

ai mei.

i cried watching this video, not actually because shes cute, but rather the person that im missing at the moment coz we watched devil beside you together and also came across the song at the same time. sadly time has unfolded new life.

jeez i fucked up.

whats up guys?

holy shit, i just got thrashed out of the tennis court in 2nd round of this U18 tournament. Wow, i am impressed on how much HARDWORK can get you somewhere in the game, experience counts but its the effort and hardwork of training daily that will get you somewhere in a match. but its not over. as in LIFE aint over after losing this tournament.

Lets see, i need to get my physical up, and the only way i can do this is basically start running again! its back to running intervals, sprints, long d, endurance and plyometrics. Ill be running up to standards of 3ks under 11 minutes i guess. and 5ks around 17. I also gotta find a new coach and start training. But i might just do fine with the ball machine and the help of adelo, hopefully ill train with hannah or something.

and this week has well quite abit installed for me, it'll be clubbing and tanning! and some running if i get my shoes soon. oh and also tennis with hannah and hopefully during the weekends ill get to hit with alex.

so now ill just have fun enjoying my long vacation! its gonna end soon ya know!? school might start end of april or if im back in america, EVEN EARLIER! arghhhhhh but i miss school and school tennis trainings. playing with a tennis team rocks my socks.

Friday, December 08, 2006

hoho i lost in the friendly.

oh well, it was sad. Honestly i did try in the first few games but i couldnt get any momentem going at all. Oh well i lost coz my opponent broke serve before i could, 6-4 6-4.. ahhhhhhhhhhh
anyways i dont think i am up for club level friendly team games.. i dont feel the rush to win like when i was with the college team and high school team. But ill never be improving as i dont want to fund tennis through my nose. Gosh this sucks, i know that ill be winning tournaments in the future but its just this stall in life now that i am utterly dissapointed with. Jaslyn said something like, WHY DO WE HAVE TO LET THE WORLD TAKE OVER OUR LIVES, WHY CANT WE JUST TAKE OVER THE WORLD WITH OUR LIVES. my answer was because, we're just too small to do anything to even start changing a tiny bit of the world, the most we can do would probably be changing our lives.

I am just looking forward to my 2nd round match on monday and 3rd round match on tuesday. Then its parties after parties!

oh did i mention, zouk out tonight! ill be heading down to check out the music have a couple and head home to sleep as i gotta prep up for a good hard fought match.

im off for now folks.

this week has been quite bad.

id say that this week has been horrible? Meaning that it is worst than a terrible state. Well actually my life at the moment is just basically this, waking up when the sun's in my face which is around say 10 in the morning! but i did get up like at 1 ish one day. And yea ive well just about nothing to do i guess, since i dont want to work basically coz the pay is measly little in singapore. so screw it. argh! and yea im like gyming and tennising and thats basically IT for me. gosh and clubbing heh. oh well.

somehow im starting to dread not seeing books and studying!! dont even bother to ask me why, ive literally gone nuts.. sigh. i mean a BIG SIGH... why does life have to throw shit at me when i least need it at this time.

Tournament's on monday im through to second round but sheesh my 2nd round opponent is awesome!? the only way to beat him is that if get super on form on that day. ahh there's nothing much i can do, so much for not training hard the last months.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

life sucks.

as in really, all im doing right now is aimless tennis, gyming, shopping and clubbing.
Wow, how hard can life get, theres no point in me being in singapore.
I really have to start thinking properly for myself
or rather think of my future.

Next Monday's the tournament and im playing the 5th seed.
haha come on and laugh at me.
its gonna be a torture and if i live through it
ill be seeing light at the end of the tunnel,
tough match i must say.
my prep this week has been bad,
who cares, im suppose to be off season
AND THE SEASON STARTS JAN 15 and im in singapore

gosh. somebody save me.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Just a quickie.

Life's so screwed up, i mean my life.
Its just running a never ending rat race!
i see no point mates,
at least i know that ill be happy sometime soon.
thats weird isnt it.

But sorry guys and gals that im not really blogging much about life,
ill do it when school starts soon,
as for now? just leave things to be, and wait for me to sort things out alright?
totally appreciated!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

sometimes i just feel like giving it all up.

hello mates, i hope this post doesnt make you feel sad nor dissappointed in life, im just saying things straight out of my heart. and nothing else. do not try to read betweeen the lines too much and as usual im just plainly speaking whatever that comes to my mind.

well things seem to come to a decent halt ever since i went to uk. the worst thing about travelling is that everything from back where you came from would FREEZE UP and when you go back you gotta sort things out as some things actually happen when your away. Oh well, at least ive sorted out certain stuff with several people but im sure theres gonna be alot more. And i havent got much tennis into my schedule, but i need to get my physical up to somewhere decent, im not even able to run a decent 3k. sigh. I guess ive just been fattened up for some reason, maybe im just meant to give up tennis, perhaps i should already have done so when i was injured badly with shin spleens last year. But i screwed up worst and incurred more, i think my knee's the worst, could have been better if i had listened and stopped running, but oh fuck, its all done, the damages have been absorbed by ma body. After all maybe ill just go back to golfing and start again, since im hitting decent shots already and my bad shots look decent? WHY NOT!?

Right now my life is mixed with groups of friends, starting with my best friends since forever, its kinda weird as we all dont wanna make time nor is there much to hang about anymore, weve been together for like forever and i guess best friends never remain as best friends as more people come into our lives and there, the years of sec school have been fun hasnt it, but things have changed. But still im loving the same group of people that i honestly say i can trust.

Jan's awesome, thats all i can say, PERIOD.

Tennis kids, haha, everyone's busy too, a major problem as no time for tennis equals lousy tennis. Laugh i know, laugh, but at least lousy tennis is FUN! though deep inside i feel that its pointless doing something that wont benefit you in the long run. But its the company that counts, and its been utterly weird as ive not seen the whole group together for once in one tennis court.. but i also cant imagine like 10 people on one court. weirddddddd.

Clubbing guys and girls, haha, its been quite a twist as theres like hatred going on between two guys.. and thats worst, i thought only girls bicker and talk shit, now guys do! omg, oh well, ill just silent come back to them when something happens, i mean something good. for now ill just hang with kawai guys and honestly id prefer hanging with kawai ron and brin. but kau still rawks in hawaii.. raves and weed. HAHA!

did i mention that ill be trying one last time this year end tournament. cheerios!

anyway im not actually depressed anymore as someone special called.. mmmmm